Fiedler, Ostermann & Schneider
Patent Attorneys

Fiedler, Ostermann & Schneider Patent Attorneys advises and supports clients in protecting their innovations, from origination of the idea through to assertion of rights against competitors.

It's not only technical inventions that can be protected. An ingenious improvement, a successful design, a distinctive brand or even a new plant variety – all these are examples of ideas that can be protected against imitators.

Proceedings under patent law are becoming ever more complex, against a background of tough international competition. We provide all-round professional support and advice to our clients: Our patent attorneys have all the relevant technical and legal expertise, combined with in-depth experience in a wide diversity of fields.

Fiedler, Ostermann & Schneider Patent Attorneys offers a comprehensive service to clients ranging from innovative young start-ups to SMEs and the patent departments of large multinational concerns. In each case our support is carefully tuned to the needs of the individual company.

fos-patent – The right protection for your ideas.