Working for the community

Innovation benefits each and every one of us in some way or other and we see our work as a contribution to promoting a thriving society. For this reason, we take an active part in the community we live in, beyond our purely professional activities. Our patent attorneys are engaged socially and economically, promoting the interests of SMEs, for example, and generally encouraging an innovation-friendly environment.

In addition, we support various sporting and artistic endeavours:


The twin imperatives of technical precision and strategic planning shape our day-to-day work as patent attorneys. The sport of cycling also thrives on this combination – success here comes from sensitive, skilful use of innovative high-technology. We aim to promote this fascinating sport where we really can bring something about: in popular sports, in youth sports, and in local competition sports. That´s why we support the cycling division of Tuspo Weende. Our logo, '' rides with the competitors in every race.

Artist Klara

A broad palette of motifs and painting techniques are evident in the work of artist Klara. The rich diversity in her oeuvre mirrors the tremendous variety found in the inventions, trade marks and designs that we protect. Klara has a gift for capturing the essence, in the same way that we strive to always achieve the greatest possible clarity and accuracy.
Klara´s pictures are on display in the offices of Fiedler, Ostermann & Schneider in Göttingen and Paderborn for which we are greatly indebted to her.