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Are you an entrepreneur with a brilliant business idea that you want to bring to market? But before starting up your new company, you would first like to know whether your idea can be protected? And if so, how do you go about it? What level of protection is possible and advisable with the available budget and do you qualify for any government grants for promoting innovations?
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As a manager of a small or medium-sized enterprise you are well aware that innovations are the key to future business success – and the secret to staying ahead of the competition. What you need is comprehensive, professional support from people that can give you the answers to all-important questions such as: How can I ensure my new products are properly protected? How do I achieve the best cost-benefit ratio? And: Who can represent me in complex legal proceedings concerning intellectual property rights?
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International companies

Working in the patent department of a large international concern, you handle many potentially profitable ideas generated by the firm's employees. We can help you in this by providing external support.
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