Fiedler, Ostermann & Schneider
Patent Attorneys

Technical protective rights

  • Patents (national, European and international)
    Examined protective rights for technical inventions, e.g. devices and processes.
  • Utility models
    Or "petty patents"; does not apply to processes. Registration without substantive examination.

Design protection

  • Design patents
    Applies to the design, i.e. the aesthetic appeal, of products of all kinds.
  • Semiconductor protection
    Protects the topographies of microelectronic semiconductor products (microchips).

Trade mark protection

  • Trade marks
    Protects the identifying marks of goods or services, i.e. the name and/or the associated word or figurative elements, also three-dimensional or acoustic trade marks (e.g. jingles), etc.
  • Company names
    Ensures protection for the name of a company.
  • Domains
    Protects domain names from copying on the Internet.

Software protection

Protects against unauthorised use of code (copyright law) and against imitation of the basic technical method on which a software program is based (patents).

Plant variety rights

Secures for breeders of new plant varieties the right to these varieties and their denominations.

Further information on the individual protective rights and on the work of a patent attorney is available from the "Technology and Law" campaign of the German Chamber of Patent Attorneys.