Your ideas in safe hands

We advise and support our clients in all matters connected with ideas protection. For asserting your protective rights, we offer the following services:

Strategic consultation

Which protective rights are best for your requirements?
What grants are available for start-up companies seeking to obtain protective rights? Which strategy is the most suitable for the German, European and international market?
Before filing an application for a protective right, we sit down with you and work out in detail the best strategy for your company.

Consultation and representation in all matters concerned with national and international application, examination and grant procedures

Do you already know which kind of protective rights you want for your innovations?
If so, we can process the applications for you and deal with all the formalities. If you are planning to achieve a territorial extend of protection outside Germany, we will also cooperate with partner attorneys abroad.

Consultation and representation in cases of a challenge to the legal validity of your own or third-party protective rights

Are you challenging the protective rights of a competitor, or is a competitor contesting your existing protective rights?
We can help you take action against patents, trade marks and designs of third parties and defend your own protective rights.

Consultation and representation in cases of infringement of protective rights

Are you in the situation where a competitor has imitated your protected product or is accusing you of infringing their protective rights?
We can enforce your existing protective rights and defend you against accusations of infringement.

Assessment and evaluation of protective rights

Are your protective rights legally valid? How do you value protective rights when selling or buying them, or including them on a balance sheet?
We assess and evaluate protective rights in accordance with all relevant technical and legal aspects. In assessing the commercial requirements and in due-diligence analyses, we work closely with our auditing experts.


Is one of your competitors seeking to use your protected invention, or do you want to acquire a licence for the product of another company?
We draw up the licence agreements and advise you through all the stages until the documents are ready to sign.

We also work in the following areas:

Consultation and representation in employee invention rights

If your company is seeking to exploit the invention of an employee, we can help you handle the process correctly. In cases of litigation, we will also support you in court or before an arbitration board.

Free advice to inventors

Together with other patent attorney colleagues, we offer a free advice service to inventors who aren't sure if their idea is suitable for filing an application for a protective right. Consultation takes place in the Göttingen offices of the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Trade.